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Joanne gives an excellent rendition of her words.  Comments from the audience following these readings were always very positive.  Said one audience member, "This was the best reading I've ever heard."  Joanne engages her audience with just the right use of drama, voice inflection and gestures.  She performs her work.
Cathy Fenwick, author of  Healing With Humour (1995)
The Deaf House is a creative memoir by Joanne Weber. I heard her give a powerful reading from the manuscript a couple years back at the awards dinner where she received the John V. Hicks Manuscript Award. The reading was funny, stirring and memorable. I knew then that I'd buy the book as soon as it was available. 
Joanne provides workshops on the following topics:
Using art to teach literacy to DHH children and youth
Using culturally responsive pedagogy to teach literacy to DHH children and youth


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