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Weber, J. (2015).  Negotiating Deaf Identity in an Audist Educational  

         Environment: An Arts-Based Inquiry.  Ubiquity:  The Journal of
Literacy, Literature and the Arts. Research Strand, 2(2),
         pp. 80-113.

Weber, J., Pirbhai-Illich, F. (2011). SDHHS Literacy Needs Assessment,   

           Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

Weber, J. (1992).  Language Lab: A Pilot Project at R.J.D. Williams

School for the Deaf, Saskatoon, ACEHI, 18(1), 1992, 43-50

Weber, J. (1997). Teacher Support in Mainstreaming Deaf and Hard of

  Hearing Students in Rural Saskatchewan: A Pilot Project,

          CAEDHH Journal, 23(1), 1997, 40-48

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